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Exam Feedback AWS Security Specialty


I’ve passed the AWS Security Specialty exam yesterday, however I do not know the score yet but I think it was a very tight pass. I just wanted to leave some feedback in regards to this course.

I think this course covers more or less all topics covered by the exam, I didn’t feel like there is a topic missing, but I think it lacks of depth. The exam goes significantly deeper into topics and is much more difficult and detailed than what the course covers.

Overall, I think this exam is even more difficult than the AWS Solutions Architect Pro exam, which I passed with 91%, mostly because of it’s depth and the higher passing mark (at least 75%, rather than ~65% as in the other exams).

So I would recommend to extend this course in some areas and explain some concepts in much more detail (especially AWS KMS and IAM).

2 Answers

Hi, thanks for the feedback and well done on passing!  

We do recommend that in addition to the course, you also study all the FAQs for the main Security Services and read the white papers – particularly the KMS Best Practices as well as quite a few re:Invent videos including IAM Policy Master as well! 

There definitely more work to do than just listening to the lectures if you want to get a good grasp of the material and get a solid pass in the exam. 

The Specialty Exams are really very challenging in comparison to the Associates and maybe even the SA Pro, because they do really expect you to know in depth and to be able to think through the scenarios and evaluate different options for dealing with a particular situation. 

In addition, I am working on adding quizzes and exam simulator to this course which will help students identify areas of weakness so they can plug the gaps.

Thanks again for the feedback!


The content added over the previous month or so has brought the material a lot closer to the reality of the exam. Much appreciated.

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