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Exam blueprint updated to v1.7

Not a question, just a note that there’s an update to the exam blueprint. AWS is showing it at version 1.7 and you all are listing 1.5. Just thought I’d pass along that note. Link below;


Abrar Bin Yousuf

not much difference in terms of components and allocation of percentage on a cursory review. However, I guess updated to focus on newer services also.

Don Boyle

One important difference is that there are no prerequisite certifications anymore. Just for that alone the file and video should be updated.


I was going to make the same point; i.e. you no longer need another AWS cert to take the exam.

2 Answers

For the $$ being asked for this service, you would expect things to be a bit more up to date… very poor really, noting the hundreds-of-thousands of subsribers.

Also with the update to Version 1.7 SCS-C01, there is no longer a prerequisite of needing to hold an AWS Certified role-based certification in good standing.  Meaning that you no longer need to have the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or any of the Associate or Pro AWS Certifications in order to sit for this exam.


While there’s no prerequisite certifications anymore you are better off if you have at least the CSA cert before you sit this exam. If you have enough experience to pass the Security Specialty exam then you can probably pass most if not all the Associates and the CP exams. 🙂

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