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Encryption keys option in IAM

Has the option to create encryption keys removed from IAM. I don’t see anything in the IAM console.

Jaco Olivier

I think there is still a region or two that offers IAM based keys — but for all other regions this is the OLD way of doing it.

Jaco Olivier

this course is very outdated in some respects — expensive cources with old info 🙁

1 Answers

Encryption keys are created in Key Management Service (KMS), not in IAM. Looking at older documentation on other websites, it appears that there used to be an option in IAM that no longer exists in the IAM interface.[1][2]

[1] https://docs.cloudera.com/data-hub/cloud/ebs-encryption-aws/topics/mc-aws-abs-encryption-key-reqs-new.html

[2] https://mariadb.com/kb/en/aws-key-management-encryption-plugin-advanced-usage/

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