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Daily questions for Security Specialty Test – 1 March 2019

I’m hoping to start a trend here to help people prepare for this and other exams. As part of my preparations for sitting the exam I’m going to post one or two generalized scenario questions for people to consider on a daily basis. If we get several people doing this it should generate a list of items for people to review. I am hoping that if this works out other people will start the same kind of topic string for other exams.

Please don’t post actual exam questions here, not only don’t I want to violate AWS exam rules, but I want to help people, along with myself, learn skill sets not memorize answers.

These questions are not precise but for the purpose of getting someone to think about how to do things.

Scenario 1 – Have would you go about setting up Athena to search for "failed login" within the log files of EC2 Windows 2016 Server instances?

Scenario 2 – How would you setup to allow only read access to a bucket for a specific IAM user, and how would you do the same thing for an IAM user in a cross-account environment/not an account under your control?

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We have now added an Exam Simulator for the course and there are also the official sample questions that you can review here: 



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