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CRR and S3: Information regarding replication of delete markers no longer correct

Hi, S3-CRR currently works with replication configuration V2. In V2 delete markers are no longer replicated but S3 also offers backwards compatibility for V1 configurations. In V1 configurations delete markers are still replicated but only when the delete marker gets added as the result of a user action and not as the result of a lifecycle event (which is also not mentioned in the relevant lesson).

See: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/crr-add-config.html#crr-backward-compat-considerations

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Thanks for this, we’ll investigate!

Georges MICHEL

Hi Fay, any updates regarding this subject?

Hi Fay, any updates on this ?

I think updates are needed to:

Regarding both CRR & SRR: "If you use V1 of the replication configuration XML, Amazon S3 replicates delete markers that resulted from user actions. In other words, if the user deleted the object, and not if Amazon S3 deleted it because the object expired as part of lifecycle action. In V2, Amazon S3 doesn’t replicate delete markers."

Steve van den Buys original link  should now be replaced by an updated link to replication documentation after SRR (Same Region Replication) was announced.

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