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Creating AMI from snapshot

While this is mostly unrelated to the security specialty exam, it had me screaming at the screen (apologies, Ryan! I just want to get it off my chest). At 7:45 Ryan says "everything else I’m going to leave as default." One thing that drives me nuts is that AWS provides "Paravirtual" as the default virtualization type. If you jump back to 2:20 you’ll see that Ryan used the latest Amazon Linux AMI which is an HVM image. To prevent future heartache, the virtualization type should have been changed to HVM. And you see exactly what that heartache entails at 8:36 when trying to spin up a new instance, the majority of instance types are not available.

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Hi David,

Thanks for reporting this. This has been passed on to the ACG content team for review.

I walked through the steps and had HVM was the default for when I was creating the AMI image. I made sure to change it to PV before creating the AMI to mirror what was shown in the video. I then went back to create another image and the default was what was last used when creating an image.

David Piasecki

Interesting (and my apologies) you are correct. I tried the same and HVM is the default now. I admit I have not paid attention to this specifically in some time, so I am not sure when they changed the default. Still, it is important to pay attention to this. Thanks so much!

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