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Content updates delayed … check here for study tips

For those of you who haven’t seen, Ryan mentioned in some other threads that he’s been knocked out with Tonsillitis and unable to complete the promised updates to the security exam. I thought it might be helpful to start a thread to collect study tips and resources for beta exam takers. I’d love it if some of you other gurus chimed in as well. 

I’ll get started this weekend posting some links to my own notes, and if I can find the time in the next two weeks, I’ll try capture some video walkthroughs demonstrating a few of the features. While I haven’t taken the exam (scheduled for 3/1), I do have nearly 20 years of cybersecurity experience along with hands on security architecture and development experience in AWS.

For the moment, here are a couple of threads and other resources to check out:


@Clinton, I like it, I apprecaite it.




@Clinton, there are certain topics available in other acg courses that will help for preparing for security beta exam – 2018. It will help if you could provide pointers or urls to those topics. Will cover much of 20% in addition to this course. I am a member and able to access other courses. It could help those who do not have the access to entire course list. Thanks

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Thanks for stepping up!

Yes sorry guys. I’m only human after all. Don’t worry the course will be updated very shortly. We will have the full thing finished by the 3rd of March at the latest. If you do decide to sit the exam before that date, please make sure you read this blog;


Honestly you could probably do the existing course as is, read that blog above and have no problems passing on the first attempt. You may not need to wait for the update.


Thanks Ryan, get well soon mate 🙂


Great blog for overview. Thanks.


Thanks Ryan..I appreciate you making time and pointing us to key resources. get well soon

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