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Confidence in Material of this Course Given Exam News

If they withdrew the exam, how much time should we invest in this course? Will content get redacted, or are you confident that based on the blueprint available, you’re sharing optimal material to ready us for whatever the new exam might look like?

They’re saying the exam didn’t meet their quality standards, but everyone said it was very hard that took it, so I’m confused!

1 Answers

I think the decision of how much time to invest in this course will depend entirely on what you’re trying to achieve.  If all you care about is a Security Specialty certification PDF, then don’t bother–that’s not currently possible and we don’t know when it will become possible.

But if your purpose is to learn about security in AWS, then you can definitely still learn things by going through this course right now.  And learning these things now should put you into a better position to achieve the certification when it does become available, again.

Of course, it’s impossible to promise that every detail in this course will show up on the exam, when it eventually gets released, but learning more about AWS security should help you do a better job of using AWS, and that’s really the point, anyway.

Does that help, at all, or have I maybe misunderstood your question?


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