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Comparison to SA Pro


I passed SA Pro a few weeks ago and am considering this next before doing DevOps Pro. Can anyone tell me the comparative technical difficulty of the two? And also the gap in content for the exam that would fall between this course and SA Pro content please? 


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Hi, in my experience there’s a slight overlap in some of the content between Security Architect and SA Pro. – Of course SA Pro does have a Security element and you might notice that some of the questions you see are pretty similar. 

However the Security Specialty requires you to know a lot more about KMS and the way that service works, as well as encryption when using AWS services like S3 and EBS, plus the exam will have lots of other scenario based questions that are completely related to security specific areas, like intrusion detection, DDoS protection, detecting compromised instances, incident response etc. none of which really comes up that much in the SA Pro. 

The good news is that you will definitely find the Security Specialty easier than SA Pro. Personally, I find the material is easier to grasp and as long as you know how the services work, get plenty of hands-on experience and understand the best practices you should be in good shape to pass the exam. There is much less time pressure and in my opinion they give you enough time to answer the questions and review them before the test ends. 

There is a free practice test here which is worth doing and gives you a flavor of the kind of thing to expect in the exam: 




Akhil Abraham

Thank you Faye

Chiwai Chan

Thanks! I am in the same boat.

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