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CloudHSM – Activating Our Cluster

Yesterday I was going through the CloudHSM section of the Certified Security Specialty course, the CloudHSM – Activating Our Cluster video is missing the PRECO change password step at 4:38. Ryan screen changes but this step was not included. 


changePswd PRECO admin

1 Answers

A step is missing, a.We first use the loginHSM command to log in to the HSM as the PRECO user using the default user name and password.

b.We then use the changePswd command to change the PRECO user password. This will also change the PRECO user to a crypto officer (CO). The CO has HSM management permissions.


1. start HSM

2. enable end to end encryption:  enable_e2e

3. list users:  listUsers

4. Login as PRECO:  loginHSM PRECO admin password

5. Change PRECO password to geneate CO user:  changePswd PRECO admin the-new-password

6. List users to confirm CO was created:  listUsers

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