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Cleared AWS Security Specialty

Hello All,

Happy to inform that I cleared my AWS Security Specialty Exam today. Thanks a TON Ryan and Faye for this amazing course.

Here is my feedback.

Exam was not super complicated at the same time not extremely simple

I got at least ~20 or so questions similar to the one in Exam Simulator here (i.e almost identical)

A Cloud guru covered almost every topic that came in the exam (~ 99%)

Heavy on KMS. Need to know this inside out! Especially when it comes to Cross Region Replication and Cross Account Access, Rotations and Grants. Also good to understand the default policy that comes with KMS

VPC heavy so need to know it in depth.

IPS and IDS featured in at least 2 questions.

IAM! You need to know Policies inside out. Around 10 questions asking to explain a given policy

I even got a question on SES

Oh, did I forget to mention CloudFront? So many questions on Cloud front and ELB. 

Got just one question on ALB

Got a couple of questions on NACL and SecGroups

Got a couple of question on Proxy servers

Athena featured in a few questions. 

So all in all, it was a tiring exam. I completed it with 40 mins to spare. 

My study material : Linux Academy and ACloudGuru. Prep time ~ 30 days

Once again , Thanks A TON Ryan and Faye for this amazing course.

Nelson Fernandes

Congrats Vighnesh!!


Awesome news!!! Congrats and thank you for the very helpful feedback. I’m shooting for 2/28 for Security so we will see how that goes. 🙂

Santosh Ravindran

Congrats Vighnesh and thanks for the detailed comments on topics!

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Congrats on passing and thank you for your detailed feedback. It’s great to know our course still hits the mark! (because we rely a lot on feedback to know if we are missing something in our course) 

All the best to you and thanks again for commenting!



Congrats Vighnesh, well done!

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