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Clarification on Security Control Points


There seems to be some inconsistencies with content of https://www.slideshare.net/AmazonWebServices/intro-to-aws-security (00:43) and what the lecture says.

The lecture says "AWS Config" is associated with Visibility (01:20), but the SlideShare says it is "CloudTrail" (see slides 9-16).

The lecture says "CloudTrail" is associated with Auditability (05:33), but the SlideShare says it is "AWS Config" (see slides 17-24).

Which is correct?

1 Answers

There’s a bit of overlap for Config. It provides visibility via an overview of all resources and their compliance to the rules, but the configuration recorder also provides and audit trail of what was changed about the resource. So it provided additional context to the audit trail that cloudtrail provides. So I would consider Config both visibility and auditability, and cloud trail just auditability

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