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CISSP, looking for this AWS Security Exam

I am a CISSP and working in the Security Domain of Risk and Compliance; I do not have any AWS certifications. I think this AWS-Security is going to help me in my work as well. How difficult is it going to be, to just prepare for this exam? 

Roughly, How much time would I need to prepare for the same? Kindly share tips or advice if any.

Rick Triana

Hi Vijay, I found this exam to be rather straight-forward. And I did not come from a security background when I took AWS Security Specialty Exam and the acloud.guru course. I recommend to download the official exam blueprint from the AWS website. Read the FAQs for any AWS security service mentioned in the blueprint, read any recommended whitepaper from the Blueprint or Acloud.Guru, and make sure you do some hands-on in your own account. Good luck – I perceive CISSP to be a tougher exam. Therefore, you should do well if you prepare. Rick

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If you already have CISSP, then a lot of the theory and concepts will be pretty familiar to you already! There are just a few AWS nuances you’ll need to learn about as well as knowing encryption and IAM inside out! 

I would suggest you begin by using our exam simulator and that will help you see where you have any weak areas and will give you an idea of the kind of questions you’ll see in the exam.

hope that helps


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