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Certified Security Specialty Updates To Course

Hello Cloud Gurus!

I’ve been working really hard at updating this course. I’ve rolled out some major updates just now. I’ve re-organized the course so that Chapters 4 – 7 cover the specific domains in the exam blue print. I’ve recorded a whole new section, which is section 3 and this covers a lot of MAJOR topics in the exam (such as IAM policies, S3 bucket Policies, S3 ACL’s etc).

I’m on track to have this course fully finished by the 3rd of March as promised. Many more updates coming this week and next with lots more lectures. Mostly to section 7 which will be about how to respond to security events.

Please bear with me, but the course is almost updated to the new exam.

In terms of updates just pushed out, please watch all of section 3, it’s all new. As well as "Set Up An Alert If The Root User Logs In" in section 4. Also I have updated the SG vs NACL’s lecture (this was pointing at the wrong video).

Back to work! Keep being awesome cloud gurus!


Hi Ryan, the "AWS Key Management Service" module was revoked? I plan to re-visit this module and now it’s gone…

Ryan Kroonenburg

Uploading these now. Sorry they shouldn’t have been removed. KMS is a KEY part of the exam.


Thanks Ryan for the course updates.


Thanks Ryan, you rock!


Thanks Ryan! Just an fyi, the new section, "Set Up An Alert If The Root User Logs In" is missing the resource. It’s supposed to have the filter pattern.


Nice work and appreciate the effort!

Sid McLaurin

Thanks! It really helped with my exam.


Ryan, The Cloud HSM under Chapter 4 Logging and Monitoring section stops playing after 2:42. I guess encoding issue. You may want to upload that video again. Thanks in advance.


I also had a couple of questions that threw me for a loop – there was some questions related to Glacier Vaulting and encryption of dynamodb key value pairs. The course was great and the recap of the chapters the morning of got me at least 3-4 questions. Cheers Ryan!

9 Answers

Cool, because it shows which lessons were finished already and which are new ones 🙂

Exam on Friday so very useful update, thanks 🙂

Btw, anyone knows when AWS is planing to release results of these exams?

Mariusz Preiss

btw, small bug 🙂 even though it shows which lectures were not finished, the course progress bar still shows 100% finished 🙂 when I launched one that was marked as "not completed" and finish it – progress bar is good again (shows like 76% instead of 100%)


Expected results delivery is up to 90 days.

Thanks Ryan – my exam is this coming Monday, the new IAM content is much appreciated!

Exam on Wednesday thanks alot for updating the content

Exam tomorrow, appreciated the extra tutorials.


Paul, any recommendations for the exam? I will be taking it soon. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the awesome effort. It is really very much appreciated.

Hi Ryan, Thanks for taking time to update this course. Please can you confirm it is now fully updated?

Took the exam last friday on the last day of the Beta. My impression:

The course is missing content about AWS Lambda and AWS Cognito service, the security related of these services.

Lots of questions on KMS, CloudTrail and CloudWatch.

It is a difficult exam.

PS: Definitely learn how to set up a warning of the event the root user logs in.

I would add that understanding all of the different ways to receive alerts with cloudtrail events, cloudwatch with metric filters, config rules, etc are important. It’s can be very confusing to understand which does what and so I think you probably have to play around with them to really understand. The exam will ask a number of questions about which to use and how to configure depending on the scenario.

Also for course content, a brief description of Athena vs using cloudwatch metric filters may help for at least one question.


Ditto what gmo said. it would be great to have more of that. and some Json policies scenarios one policy for the IAM user and another for key policy attached to CMK and which one will prevail and why? Good samples posted by Felipe at https://acloud.guru/forums/aws-certified-security-specialty/discussion/-L6cr21tC78ItoXVZVxZ/more_examples_using_key_polici. Thanks Ryan

Set Up An Alert If The Root User Logs In – module issue


So in your module, you had an issue with the emails being sent, I saw the same thing. If you go back into the trail, go to the CloudWatch Logs section, I bet it is not setup. It looks like if the role has to be created it doesn’t work the first time through (if the role is already there it works just as you have shown)


one more follow up on this – after configuring the CloudWatch logs for CloudTrail, it sends you back to the CloudTrail screen but it is still validating the role under the CloudWatch section. What you will see is an ‘Unable to validate the role policy. Please retry’ error, if you retry, then it will work correctly.


FYI – I had AWS support look into this, this issue is now resolved, so if you follow the steps in the video, it will now work with now errors

Claude Beulaygue

the issue "Unable to validate the role policy. Please retry." is still present when you follow the steps provided in the video

Nikka Zanandrea

how did you solve it?

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