Certified Security - Specialty

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Certified Security – Specialty – content UPDATE?


Reading through some of the recent posts regarding the Certified Security – Specialty course content, I think I read that updated content is being worked upon. I was looking for confirmation of this and ideally an idea of when this will be available?

Thanks in advance



I’ve took my exam a week ago and unfortunately there were a lot of questions from the updated content : Services like Secrets Manager, GuardDuty and Glacier Vault. AcloudGuru , please add a content on AWS Glacier Vault service

Faye Ellis

Thanks for the feedback, I have added lectures on all of these

1 Answers

Hi Jonathan, 

The course is already in the process of being updated. I have added Chapter 9 a couple of weeks ago and will continue to add more lectures over the next few weeks. I’m panning to get them all done during Feb / March and working on the highest priority updates first. 

The new lectures are all directly based on student feedback and Glacier Vault / Vault lock is on my list. 

Please let us know what you think! 



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