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Can I please know when was this course last updated?

I just wanted to know when was this last updated. I heard Ryan was telling he is going to update the course by the end of Jan.


good question. I too have been waiting for the updated course. I scheduled the exam for MArch 1st. I would love to get the new course content before the exam.


Namal and Vishal, Ryan has been very sick. What I would suggest is to look at aCloudGuru forum under Certified Security Speciality 2018 and read the posts of some of the folks that did the Beta exam. They provide great feedback in the areas to study and focus on. like https://acloud.guru/forums/aws-certified-security-specialty/discussion/-L4c96PEtGnvYnDB-UNQ/another_take_on_the_security_s and from JoeNerd. these 2 will provide you will the key areas including Ryan’s course . Good luck

Casey Goodrich

He said in the intro video he was going to update it by now.

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