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Beta Exam Availability

I see that only the big data and networking betas exams are available. Is this because the security exam is popular and they already have the data needed? Will more places likely become available or is this it now until its release?


I have the same question.. should have made up my mind 2 weeks ago when security exam was available 🙁

5 Answers

Its a bug – it isnt intended to be missing.Its been missing and visible a few times during the past week. Keep checking.


Adrian, actually I checked with AWS and the security Beta exam is over-subscribed and it is not longer available.

Could you inform me the topics which covered for this Certified Security Specialist in A Cloud Guru video that is enough for this new certifications and is there any details from AWS regarding exam topics?

What are the basic knowlwdge is required for this course and certifications?

Can anyone please direct me the link on Amazon AWS Certifications page where they mention this speciality certifications? I don’t see anywhere on the Amazon AWS website where they have mentions speciality certifications.

I read somewhere that the security cert was pulled because of significant errors.  Tried to google for where I had seen it but unable to locate the link.  So it’s not listed because of that, not because there’s an error.  I’m sure Amazon will bring it back once it’s fixed but with all due respect to the instructor and this course I would consider waiting until the revamped version comes out.

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