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Base64 conversion not working in aws-cli/2.2.37

aws-cli/2.2.37, throws an error when running ‘aws iam get-credential-report –output text –query Content | base64 -D’ ->’base64′ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

John Mason

base64 is a common command in linux and OSX, are you perhaps on Windows? If so, just do ‘aws iam get-credential-report –output text –query Content > report.b64’ then use a program to decode the base64 file.


same as John, once you get report.b64, you would run certutil -decode report.b64 myreport.txt. then just open up myreport.txt in notepad or whatever app you want to read the txt file.

paul lloyd

riduculous faff. should be a way just to get this report via the console

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