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AWS taking full 90 days to get back results?

Sat for the Security Spec exam on Weds 2/28.  

(Hey Ryan, quit adding content, would ya!!!) Anyway – what is the experience of the group – is AWS taking the full 90 days to evaluate or are they getting results back any quicker?


I was wondering the same thing. I just took it on Friday. I hope it doesn’t take too long. Pretty anxious to see the results.

Ben M

It took the full 90 for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate beta

Jakov Istuk

I hope that they will take 50-60 days maximum. It stops me on futher certifications. And I am curius how I wrote it.

P Rend

Anyone seen or heard any info down the chain recently on their progress to announce the results or a specific date/week they’ll release them?

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