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AWS Security Specialty – Passed Yesterday

I passed the AWS Security Specialty exam yesterday. I found it to be significant setup compared to Foundational and Associate exams. All I used was the A Cloud Guru course content and read all the white-papers recommended. There was a couple of topics that got questions on that had work experience to fall back on that were not covered in the course. This bit of work experience was probably the difference between the pass and fail.

1. Logging and Transport using AWS Kinesis Firehouse.

2. Integration between AWS IAM (User, Roles and Groups) and Microsoft AD attributes once Federation is setup.

3. Cross Account Access for 3rd Party Vendors to access other services other than S3.

Alec Whitehouse


Alec Whitehouse

For #1 do you mean something like the article titled: "Logging Kinesis Data Firehose API Calls with AWS CloudTrail"?

Brian Madden

I would just know what destination AWS services Firehose can send to i.e S3 and two others one of which is a 3rd party service app available via marketplace. It is kinda apparent what service already covered in the course can make use of the data then.

Alec Whitehouse


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Thanks for the feedback Brian! We are constantly updating the course so I’ll get those added to our list!

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