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AWS Security Specialty Exam Study Guide

Hi Cloud Gurus – here’s a study guide I put together in preparation for the exam using Ryan’s course. 



That looks very good, thank you


Thanks for your study guide

Dan Pefok

how do I decrypt it?

Shiladitya Das Sharma

I cant open the pdf. Access denied.

sindhura gada

me too cant open it. Can you enable it

Vivek Prasad

Do you still have the pdf? unable to launch it.

Ashok Kalakoti

Hi, could you please the pdf if anyone had downloaded..


Does not open


Please share if anyone has access to the link.

David Wu

Can’t open it either.

Mayank Shukla

Can you make it accessible?

Manu Gupta

Hello Sir,The link is not accessible,Please make it accessible so that we can download the notes.

18 Answers

Thank you

Can you make it public and not encrypt it with KMS?


yah its encrypted and not accessible. Is decrypting it part of the study guide 🙂


haha done


Thank you so much! This is awesome!

Dan Pefok

I tried access is denied. can’t get to the site. Is it public?


The link did not work for me either

Andrew Plater

Passed the Security Specialty certification exam today. Much thanks to Ryan and Faye for their course. I also recommend reading https://www.amazon.com/AWS-Certified-Security-objectives-preparation/dp/1645469182/ref=sr_1_1?

Simply Awesome! Thanks for the sharing!

Awesome – just downloaded!

Hello Again Cloud Gurus – I updated the study guide to incorporate some of the challenging questions/topics in my first Whizlabs practice test: https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/johnzsecurityspecialityexam/Study_Guide/AWS+Security+Specialty+Notes.pdf


@jimmy.huang – thank you this was very helpful!

Shiladitya Das Sharma

Cant open it either. Access denied


Bucket is private. This is one big joke

Thanks a Lot


@jimmy.huang- Thank you so much!!!

Can you upload it again or give us the latest bucket name?

Hi, the link is broken. Can someone upload it again ?


Sam T

Yeah link is broken – "no style guide attached"

@Jimmy, The bucket has been deleted

It would be great if someone could upload it again. By the way if found some exam notes at a github repo: https://github.com/mykter/aws-security-cert-service-notes

Can someone please upload the file to shareable location ? git or else?

s3 link given in this post is broken for reason "The specified bucket does not exist" . https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/johnzsecurityspecialityexam/Study_Guide/AWS+Security+Specialty+Notes.pdf

thanks in Advance !

L&D, Blazeclan

Hi jimmy i ma not able to access the given link

Smita Kulkarni

Same here. I am not able to access the link

Iyappan Manivasagam

I am not able to access the link, can you please provide.


maybe its been hacked 😉

Not able to access, Please help..

@jimmy.huang Below link is broken can you please upload to one drive and share the link:


Link doesn’t work anymore. Please reupload.

Parnab Basak

I humbly request Jimmy to upload this in Git instead if not in S3 bucket. You would do a great favor for fellow aspirants to share this doc to enable our paths to the the certification. Thanks in Advance.

The link isnt working anymore

It would be out of date now anyway

Is it still possible to get the PDF?

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