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AWS Security Specialty Cert Requirement

What happens if I pass the security specialty test without having the solutions architect associate cert? I have the AWS CCP cert currently. Am I still issued the cert of given X amount of days to get the AWS Solutions Architect Associate cert?


You will get the security cert upon passing. Absolutely nothing is required as pre-requisite.

Fiaz Mir

Kevin Homan kindly put up the updated link "https://acloud.guru/forums/aws-certified-security-specialty/discussion/-M734nQ4B_7-hwFLF7gL/exam_blueprint_updated_to_v1.7" that shows the pre-req are removed. From my experience, I passed the solutions architect, after the video course and less than 6 months AWS experience (although I did have 20+ y in ITC) . no one came looking for me)

    1. I have emailed AWS Training & Certification support and they have confirmed that no other exam is any longer a pre-requisite.

Exactly. No prerequisites. Another example of very outdated information being presented by a cloud guru. What does that say about the course content….? You guessed it.

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