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AWS Practice Exam is flawed. Do not use it.

The recommended AWS Practice Exam from rise.articulate.com is flawed. I found 2 flawed questions within the first 11 questions. Faye mentions that this is an official AWS practice test, but this cannot be. Amazon would not release such a flawed practice test, and the URL is not even AWS-related.

I do not recommend this practice test. It will only confuse you.


Hi John, Faye is correct about this being an official practice test. If you take the AWS Security Fundamentals (Second Edition) free online course this same exact test appears at the end. The URL that you reference is part of the Articulate 360 suite. With the articulate suite, you get StoryLine & Rise. StoryLine is more of a hard file software that can be uploaded to an LMS to create e-learning courses. But Rise is a browser based software for e-learning. I know this, as I’m an instructional designer and these as well as Camtasia and Adobe Captive are among the top e-learning tools. That said, I had some issues with some questions. For example, according to this practice test, it claims that Direct Connect is required for SSO (single sign-on) to work. I have not heard that before and don’t think that is accurate.


I also don’t like that they only tell you why the wrong answers are incorrect, and they don’t explain why the correct answer are right.

John Norton

Thank you for the clarification. Nothing against Faye, I’m just shocked then that AWS released such a flawed practice exam…


I totally agree with John on this.. if you take a look at this question it states that correct answer is wrong ? I mean the questions have very little details in this. Like this one as well if you look here :


you see that it does not even give you a option for IPs you just need to guess it ..

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