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AWS Certified Security-Specialty exam pre-requisites

I have a question about pre-requisites for taking "AWS Certified Security- Specialty" exam. Specifically the pre-requisites states" Examination Prerequisite In order to take this examination, you must hold an AWS Certified foundational or role-based certification (associate or professional) in good standing." Does an active CISSP certification qualify as role-based certification in good standing, in addition to 5 years of cybersecurity work experience?

Ver 1.6 of the exam guide does not have the pre-requisites section that ver 1.5 had. Hence the question to reconfirm the requirements. Appreciate any guidance.

Ver 1.6: 


ver 1.5: 


1 Answers

There are no longer any pre-requisites to take AWS exams. So you are good to go as long as you feel prepared.

Typically we would recommend you watch the Solution Architect Associate course (at a minimum) to give you a grounding in AWS and cover topics the Specialty exams will expect you to know as a pre-requisite, but you no longer have to get this certificate before you can book a Specialty or Pro exam.

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