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AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam

After answering all the 65 questions, I went to the review page and reviewed some of my answers. Finally, clicked the ‘End Review’ button at the bottom of the review page. After that the system directly went to the Survey questions and never gave me opportunity to submit the exam. I was expecting the exam was submitted.

At the end of the survey the message showed me on the screen that I failed the exam; but in reality I wrote the exam very well.

I strongly believe that the exam was in ‘UNSUBMITTED’ form, and hence might have considered as failure.

I wrote the exam really well.

This experience is through PearsonVUE.

I opened a ticket with AWS and PearsonVUE. Do not know what happens now.

Does anyone have similar experience?

1 Answers

Good job taking the issue up with Pearson VUE. What you’ve described might’ve been a technical glitch, or something else. AWS and Pearson VUE should be able to answer definitively

When I first sat my CSAA three years ago, I had the exam disappear on me too as soon as the survey started, and no results listed. After raising a ticket with AWS, I received my results a few hours later, and hopefully, you have by now too. The proctor very quickly ushered me from the room when the survey cut out, and I raised that with AWS as well


Thank you Stephen for sharing your experience too.


The proctor rushed me too to leave the center, surprisingly they did not offer any help either to contact PearsonVUE. She just gave me their number and asked me to contact; but that being a Saturday they were closed. You could imagine my frustration after sincere preparation for the test and writing with focused attention. Right now the AWS/PearsonVUE customer service is still looking into the problem.

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