Certified Security - Specialty

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AWS Certified Security – Specialty 2017


As I have seen in AWS portal that AWS Certified Security – Specialty (Beta) certification registration is closed. So if I will purchase this course from A Cloud Guru and after that I will if I want to register for certification on March 2017 (tentative) then is it possible?

Also someone can inform if how much market value in AWS Certified Security – Specialty(Beta) certification?

2 Answers

Yes this closed due to the high demand. You can still purchase the beta course and you will get life time access to it. Once the course comes out of beta the price will increase.

Considering how quickly this exam was over subscribed, I’m guessing that this will be one of the most valuable certificates, after the Solutions Architect Professional.

Hello Ryan,

Thank you.

Any associate certification is enough for this AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification exam?

As I have hard that questions in Security certification is most likely professional exam. Is it right? 

Any other prerequisite required for this Security – Specialty certification certification? 



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