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AWS Certified Security Exams Book I came across

May I know reviews/comments from fellow students who used this Author’s Book or Udemy video in addition to ACG?  AWS Certified Security – Specialty: Study Guide: Covers exam objectives, review questions and exam preparation quizzes – Zeal Vora

Stuart Clowes

I have it, I like it. Haven’t done the ACG course yet so can’t compare.


Thank you.


Stuart, can i deduce that you use the book for security practices either at work or knowledge? Since you said you haven’t taken the course. I read a few reviews at Amazon and it wasn’t convincing so comments such as yours is better for my evaluation.

Stuart Clowes

Hi – having worked through about 75% of the ACG course, I’d say that Zeal’s book covers similar material, but sometimes with a little more details that you get from the ACG course. There are different worked examples, which are good for developing different approaches and perspectives on the material. Honestly, I’d say it’s a decent buy at £15. Use it as a good supplement/revision to back up the ACG material.



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