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Automatic Remediation of Non-compliant Resources

Course needs to be updated, AWS Config now supports Automatic Remediation of Non-compliant Resources. https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/09/use-aws-config-rules-to-automatically-remediate-non-compliant-resources/

1 Answers

Good call, we’ll get that updated, but please do be aware that the exams are always at least 6 months behind the latest announcements. you will not be expected to know all of the latest features and announcements (as you know, AWS is changing on a daily basis). So they always wait at least 6 months (but in practice can be up to 12 months) before updating the exam questions after new feature or service has been announced. 

Unfortunately that does mean that sometimes you need to be aware of the old way of doing things or a best practice which was recommended before the service was updated… It can be a source of frustration, but that is the way they maintain the exams to avoid constantly updating them and to allow customers ample time to play around with new features before they start testing you on them.

Dontrell Breaux

Hey Faye, I recently sat the exam and passed, also noticed that the solution that is still set for the exam is AWS Config ===>Cloudwatch Events ===> Lambda Trigger. Thanks for your response!

Faye Ellis

Thanks so much for coming back to let us know!

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