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Are we charged for EC2 Key Pairs?

Are we charged for the Key Pair that we store on EC2?

It is only the public key unlike KMS where we store the Private.

It doesn’t make sense if we are charged for EC2 key Pairs

3 Answers

That’s a good observation. Part of the reasoning behind that is that EC2 Key Pair’s are fundamental to the operation of an AWS Service, as opposed to being a function you can leverage for your own solutions. This is seen in a few places, like with AWS Certificate Manager. You can have unlimited free publicly signed certificates where they’re used with native AWS Services. But if you need to use them on your own EC2 instances or away from AWS, they incur a pretty substantial cost. Same with some of the data transfer costs.

AWS base a lot of their business model on providing services for free, but it’s always done very strategically.


How much is the charge for a single key-pair? The reason for asking this is, I haven’t found anywhere in the docs saying this is chargeable.


ACM public certificates are free however you use them. You can use it only within AWS though as they can’t be exported out of ACM.

AWS is quite transparent regarding pricing.
EC2 Key pairs do not appear on any pricing page. Therefore, I think EC2 Key pairs are free of charge.

Keypairs are free of charge. Think keypairs sort of iam users..

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