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The top issue in the IT industry right now is finding enough trained talent to run an effective IT team.  The second issue is security.   Amazon Web Services are addressing both of these needs by launching the AWS Security Specialty certification.**Our course is designed to help you pass this new certification and speed up your career in cloud security.**If you currently have one or more Associate level courses and have an interest in Advanced cloud security, or just want to improve your cloud AWS security skills, this is the course for you.Obtaining this certification means you will become some of the 1st engineers world-wide to gain a specialist certification with AWS. On its own it demonstrates your Ninja-level Security skills - showing any employer you are capable of being lead engineer on complex AWS projects. Or maybe you are working towards the coveted 8/8 AWS Certification Achievement - either way, this course will deliver.**Beta Exam. Beta Course. Significant Discount.**The AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam is currently in beta, and we have taken it at re:Invent. This beta exam will be available until early 2017. If you take the exam during this time, you will receive your results after the beta completes. You must already have at least one associate level certificate to take this exam.As this certification has only just been released, this beta course is a work in progress and is offered at a significant discount. It gives you a study guide and tips on what to expect in the exam and will help you become one of the first to achieve Amazon's Security certification!To keep you at the cutting edge of the Security certification, all updates of this course after beta throughout 2017 are included in your purchase fee.**Overview**In this course we will cover all of the major areas of AWS security and associated services you'll need to know to become an AWS security  specialist and obtain the certification, including:* Security Basics* Security of AWS* Security in AWS* Using AWS Security Products* Securing AWS Services* Identity and Access Management* Compliance* Incident Management & TroubleshootingMost lectures are about 15 minutes long.* THIS COURSE & EXAM ARE IN BETA * Purchase now for a discounted price and help me shape a certification course that will benefit the whole community. The course will be constantly updated from now, until the certifications are released in non-beta form in March. You will get lifetime access to the 2017 version of this course - and receive constant updates for the duration.The content available on Day 1 - is foundational with some AWS specific elements.

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