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Where is the Learning Scheduler?

There was a note about a feature called the Learning Scheduler to help set time goals to studying.  When I look at the help screen on it, it says that it should be in the COURSE section underneath the "Your Progress" section.  But on my right side, I have:

  • Your Progress
  • Cloud Playground
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Practice Exam
  • Rate this Course

One thing I was wondering is do I have to have progress made in the course before that appears… I am just starting this course and haven’t played the Introduction videos yet.

1 Answers

Welcome to the course! I don’t think you have to have progress made before the Learning Scheduler appears. I just checked using a course that I haven’t started yet, and I can see the Learning Scheduler. Based on this Learning Scheduler article, it should be under the “Your Progress” section like you stated. I would recommend that you open a support ticket here, and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot.


Thank you… I’ll submit a ticket to that link you provided.

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