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The links that are supposed to take me to the AWS web pages do not work

None of the links work that are supposed to take me to AWS web pages.  I am using Firefox.  Is there something I have to do so they work?

Levi Blodgett

The answers work for me on a Chromium-based browser, however, if I try middle-clicking them they do not work.

Levi Blodgett

Try right-clicking and copying the link address if you haven’t already.

1 Answers

Welcome to the course, Gail! I just downloaded Firefox, version 89.0.2 (64-bit). I tested the link to the AWS documentation for EC2 found in the Exploring Compute Services: EC2 lesson, and it worked for me. I have opened a support ticket with the tool’s vendor to find out which versions of Firefox are supported. Once I hear back, I’ll update this thread.

Kesha Williams

Per the vendor, they support only the latest versions of Firefox. They did note that you’ll see the best performance in Chrome. They do not support IE11.

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