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S3 storage classes

Should be in Review Time for S3, S3 Glacier Deep Dive or should be S3 Glacier Deep Archive?

Kesha Williams

I’ll get that updated! I hope it gave you a good laugh! 🙂

Jovan Zelincevic

Thanks. Yes, it give me a good laugh :-). I know that on ACG/LinuxAcademy there are many courses called Deep Dive 🙂

Kesha Williams

Exactly! That’s why I always want to say, "S3 Glacier Deep Dive"! 🙂

1 Answers

Hi, Jovan! Welcome to the course. I have to laugh at myself when I read your question. EVERY single time I talk about "S3 Glacier Deep Archive", I want to call it "S3 Glacier Deep Dive". It’s actually the running joke for this course!! There’s something about the words "Deep" and "Dive" that sound better together than "Deep" and "Archive". LOL! Yes, definitely, it should be "S3 Glacier Deep Archive" and NOT "S3 Glacier Deep Dive".


Deep dive is a phrase used a lot at AWS & Amazon 😀

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