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Marketplace: is this covered in the course or did I miss something here?

‘Marketplace’ is mentioned in the review section.

Is this covered in the course within ‘Deployment and Infrastructure Management’ or did I miss something here?

1 Answers

Hello Rohit,

Marketplace is mentioned throughout the course and officially covered in the "Utilizing Management Services" lesson. You can find that lesson here: Please make sure you understand Marketplace before going into the exam.


Daniel Skelton

Not in Chapter 3, which Rohit is referring to. It is discussed in Chapter 5. So the Review at the end of Chapter 3 is wrong with including Market Place since it isn’t covered until Chapter 5.

Daniel Skelton

Also AWS Partner Network shouldn’t be in the Chapter 3 Section review either since it isn’t discussed until Chapter 5 Utilizing Management Services. ment

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