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Lightsail and Direct Connect

Does Lightsail inherently require Direct Connect?

2 Answers

Hi, Direct Connect is a service that allow Amazon to deploy fiber connectivity from our in promise data center to the Amazon cloud without using an internet provider (so you have direct connection with amazon cloud and better performance/security). 
On the other hand, Lightsail is a Cloud server services that allow you with minimal knowledge to deploy web site such as wordpress without having to install configure the network and the security of the server. 
Lightsail will be used for use case where you don’t need/want to configure a server like when using an EC2 instance.

Etefia Umana

I think I accidentally said the wrong service. I meant to ask if Outpost inherently needs Direct Connect.


At a high level AWS Direct connect provides dedicated (without use of public internet) network connectivity between on-premise & AWS whereas AWS output provides AWS infrastructure & its services in your on-premise data centers for local processing needs, low latency & local data residence requirements


Outpost does not require need Direct Connect. You can use a internet connection or Direct connect based on the documentation. 
"Outpost is able to create the service link VPN back to the AWS Region through public

Region connectivity. To do so, the Outpost needs connectivity to the AWS Region’s public IP ranges,

either through the public internet or AWS Direct Connect public virtual interface."
You can find more details in the documentation of AWS :

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