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Lambda Always Free Tier Vs. Others

What is the difference between the Always Free Tier and the other tiers if you always get 1 million free requests?

1 Answers

Hi Gideon,

Welcome to the course! There are services with free trials, 12-months free, and always free options. 

Lambda falls under 12-months free and always free since you still have access to 1 million free requests at the end of the 12-months. 

If you go over the 1 million free requests, you’re charged. There are companies out there that easily exceed 1 million requests.

I hope this helps.


Gideon Blinick

Hi Kesha, I think I see now, the tiers aren’t mutually exclusive, it’s 12 months free and always free. There’s no difference before 12 months and after in this case.

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