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I recently started this course. How should I study as I go through it?

What kind of resources/techniques should I do/use to be successful in this course? I understand reading all of the attached material and watching the videos.

Should I watch the entire course first and then go back through learning the material through the readings or should I watch a chapter and study that chapter until I master it and then move on?

Thank you all.

Rex Card

It’s sort of a long answer but it can be found by taking this course:

1 Answers

That question depends more on your learning style than anything.  That said, I recommend doing some spaced repetition.  Work through the course linearly, then go back and review bits and pieces a few days later, repeating until you feel confident you know the material instead of just having memorized the material.  Personally, trying to master each chapter then moving on to the next will take significantly longer than spaced review over time.

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