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How is “Private Cloud” considered a Cloud Deployment Model as nothing about it is related to Cloud?

I fail to understand how the definition of "Private Cloud" matches with the definition of cloud.

3 Answers

Hi Ömer,

I think you might find this article helpful in trying to see how it all fits into Cloud Model.

A cloud is just a data center that has data that can be accessed anywhere, you having a data center that can only be accessed internally; by your company is a "Private" cloud.

Hi Ömer, 

Welcome to the course. That is a great question! Private cloud is used solely "on-premises" by your organization. This is where you bring cloud services internally. For example, using Amazon S3 on Outposts.



Hi Kesha, can an organization still not leverage cloud computing services even thou their private cloud is provisioned externally (in this particular scenario the VPC infrastructure is owned, managed, and operated by AWS)? My understanding is that you can have internal infrastructure (on-premises like you explained), and then external infrastructure like my question is phrased.

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