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Honest Review/Feedback !?


I am done with around 70% of this CCP Course and I must say this is least knowledge focused course I have ever taken.

With all due respect, instructor have prepared very little explained slides of the topics which most of the times instructor just reads out without fundamentally explaining about the services. Apart from some easier or obvious topics or instructor’s favorite topic ML/AI, slides & instructor only stating or reading out the facts about various topics/services without explaining fundamentals or going into logic.

Slides as prepared in advance are for hint about the points which are needed to be discussed while teaching those topics in the class (so to comprehensively cover required topics) but instead whole of the class passed listening out these little points/hints without actually discussing or going deep into them.

For instance just checkout a topic with video named "Leveraging the Well-Architected Framework" in Chapter-4 of the course, how much portion of the topic is actually explained ? I don’t think explained enough, mostly its just plain reading with some fillers, reading might have been enough if written content was adequate to understand the stuff but that is not the case.

Yes I know words used might be harsh but I wanted to give honest feedback about what I felt during the course.


Curious to hear back- have you taken the test & did you feel it adequately prepared you? I will take mine later this week.

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