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“Availablity Zones have multiple data centers” is incorrect.

Per the AWS documentation, an Availability Zone is one or more discrete data centers with redundant power, networking, and connectivity in an AWS Region.

In Chapter 2.4, Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure, at 04:11 into the video, we were reminded that we should remember an availability zone has multiple data centers when going into the exam. I believed this little part in the video is incorrect, and that we should assume it is possible for an availability zone to have 1 data center.

Is it safe to assume that there will be an exam question mentioning about this?

Aaron Becker

I would agree that the proper wording would be "may have multiple data centers". Often they do, but some may only have one. Those within a single datacenter obviously have some kind of local redundancy, else they wouldn’t be able to offer high availability.

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