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advantages of cloud computing

We’re told that the benefits of cloud computing are high availability, elasticity, agility, and durability. I understand how cloud computing (rather than non-cloud computing) yields elasticity and agility (to some degree). However, in what sense are high availability and durability benefits of cloud computing instead of non-cloud computing? A system exemplifies being highly available whenever it operates continuously w/out failure for a long time. Presumably, on-premises systems are built with this in mind. Data exemplifies being durable whenever it is protected from corruption for long periods. Presumably, data that must be stored on-premises is durable in this sense (especially when we think about data stored at governmental agencies). So, how exactly are high availability and durability benefits of cloud computing (over non-cloud computing)? Thanks.

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I think AWS geographical distribution makes the data readily available across the world and also takes care of scenario when your local premises get destroyed for some reason.

I believe it is because they have failover if something goes wrong. Say your on-premise building is burned down or something happens to one of the servers, there may not be any backups. With AWS they have multiple zones/data centres your data is stored in, meaning If one goes down your data is still alive somewhere else.

Both answers above are correct.

To expand on the above:
With non-cloud computing, everything regarding disaster recovery, fail over, and infrastructure availability falls on the administrator to plan out and configure. This can lead to a variety of issues, such as:

  • High costs associated with high availability & durability
  • Incorrect setup and configuration
  • Operational sustainability

By using a cloud computing service such as AWS, you significantly reduce the chances of running into the above issues, as you share responsibility of the infrastructure with AWS. This provides a variety of benefits, the main advantages described in the ‘Six Advantages of Cloud Computing’ document, available on AWS’ website.

Just want to add to all of the above.

Benefits: HA-DR-Data Protection-Resources maintaining servers software-hardware and data centers, up in minutes and globally, elasticity no need to get into the office politics regarding new RAM-Switches,HD, no to mention the monthly rent-electricity bills cost associated with theses. 

Example one: New Branch setup anywhere in the world in minutes, compare to the months, no headaches, dealing with getting a facility to host your servers/data centers, no time spend worrying about equipment availability and delivery on time, no worries about having a resource on-site to get it all connected, and I can go-on an on, but let’s just leave it at that as it clearly shows the many benefits of going to the cloud (ROI) all over 🙂

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