Vim - The Improved Editor

By Terry Cox

Gain proficiency with Vim, learning how to use it as a versatile text editor.

1 hour
  • 11 Lessons

About the course

In this short course, we take a look at Vim, the improved editor. Learn how to use the keyboard to work with your text documents, complete searches, replace text, and format them. We also show how to branch out from Vim to run commands, capture output into the current buffer, manage your buffers, move between them, and more!

  • Chapter 1 11 Lessons Vim - The Improved Editor 1:48:24

    An Important Note About A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy Courses


    Introduction to Linux Academy - Maximize Your Experience


    Vim vs. Vi - What's the Difference?


    Vim Packages and Creating Files


    Vim Modes


    Navigating Your File


    Manipulating Text


    Copy, Paste, Search, and Replace


    Executing External Commands


    Files and Buffers


    Where Do I Go from Here?


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