Setting Up Software-Defined Storage (SDS) on a Budget

By Justin Burrell

Get started with open source software-defined storage on a budget!

1 hour
  • 9 Lessons
  • 1 Hands-On Lab

About the course

With applications collecting and storing more and more data, it may not be all that surprising that managing local storage can become quite cumbersome.

In this course, we will explore how to create your own software-defined storage (SDS) without having to spend lots of money on software. We’ll start off with an introduction to the open source software Linstor, covering topics like what Linstor is and the terminology you will need to be familiar with. Then, we’ll move on to setting up Linstor on your Linux servers, where we’ll talk about topics such as storage pools, volumes, and DRBD.

Upon completion of this course, you will have a set up a complete working Linstor software-defined storage solution running on Linux.

  • Chapter 1 9 Lessons Setting Up Software-Defined Storage (SDS) on a Budget 1:21:56

    Course Introduction


    What Is Linstor?


    Linstor Terminology


    Installing Linstor


    Configuring the Controller and Satellites


    Creating a Storage Pool


    Creating Resources and Volumes


    Deploying a Linstor Cluster

    30:00 Hands-On Lab

    Course Wrap-Up and What's Next


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