Service Mesh with Istio

By Michael McClaren

In this course, look at Istio and inspect its architecture and how it is installed.

5 hours
  • 17 Lessons
  • 3 Hands-On Labs

About the course

In this course, we will be looking at Istio and its capabilities. We will inspect its architecture and how it is installed. We will install it in a Docker environment as well as a Kubernetes cluster and get some insight into the types of problems that Istio solves.

Interactive Diagram:

  • Chapter 1 3 Lessons Why Are We Here? 3:53

    An Important Note About A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy Courses


    Course Intro


    About the Author

  • Chapter 2 3 Lessons Istio Concepts 20:26

    What Is Istio and What Can It Do?


    Overview of Istio Components


    How Istio Does Its Job

  • Chapter 3 5 Lessons Deploying Istio 2:35:20

    Istio with Docker


    Istio with Kubernetes


    Inspecting Our Installations


    Istio in Docker

    1:00:00 Hands-On Lab

    Istio in Kubernetes

    1:00:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 4 5 Lessons Working with Istio 2:10:41

    Deploying an Application


    Istio Routing


    Istio Policies


    Istio Logging


    Managing an Application with Istio

    1:30:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 5 1 Lesson Looking Ahead 1:38

    Where Do We Go from Here?


What you will need

  • Kubernetes Essentials Docker Quick Start

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