Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS

By Craig Arcuri

This introductory course explores VMware Cloud on AWS, its architecture, and integration with the AWS public cloud.

2 hours
  • 12 Lessons

About the course

It can be highly beneficial and practical to extend VMware services to the public cloud. And VMware Cloud on AWS offers customers the opportunity to do just that. Experiences VMware practitioners can bring their skillset to the AWS cloud. Additionally, they will be able utilize the full suite of AWS services as needed.
This course ‘Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS’ will start of by first detailing what this product is and its benefits. There will be lessons on its cost, and the regions in which it can be used.
The course will walk through installing VMware Cloud on AWS, and go into detail on networking. This includes networking in the cloud, network between the cloud environment and the on-premises data center, and networking with key services in AWS.
The course will conclude with discussion on backing up the VMware Cloud on AWS environment, and planning migrations to the cloud.

  • Chapter 1 2 Lessons Introduction 6:06

    Course Introduction


    Overview of Course Topics

  • Chapter 2 4 Lessons Exploring the VMWare Cloud on AWS Solution 43:25

    What Is It? An Overview of the VMWare Cloud on AWS Solution


    What Does It Cost? Planning Your VMWare Cloud on AWS Solution


    Where Will It Go? Regions and Quotas


    Securing Access to Your VMWare Cloud on AWS Solution

  • Chapter 3 3 Lessons Networking for Your VMWare Cloud on AWS Solution 38:21

    Networking within the Solution


    Connecting On-Premises VMWare to AWS


    Connecting the VMWare Cloud on AWS Solution with the Rest of AWS

  • Chapter 4 1 Lesson Protecting Your Solution with Backup and Disaster Recovery 15:00

    Protecting Virtual Machines with Backups

  • Chapter 5 1 Lesson Migrating to VMWare Cloud on AWS 12:20

    Migration Strategies and Cost Assessment

  • Chapter 6 1 Lesson Conclusion 2:07

    Course Summary


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