Introduction to OpenShift

By Jesse Hoch

Get hands-on experience with OpenShift and learn all about it!

1 hour
  • 16 Lessons

About the course

If you’ve ever wanted to play around with OpenShift or wondered what it is and how it differs from Kubernetes, then you’ve come to the right place! In this course, we’ll answer those questions as well as explore OpenShift on CodeReady Containers, which is one of three installation methods we will discuss (along with installer-provisioned and user-provisioned). CodeReady Containers allows you to run OpenShift on your laptop or desktop and is by far the easiest way to get hands-on experience with OpenShift.

We will be setting up and configuring our cluster, taking a tour of the web console, getting cozy with the CLI, and deploying our very first application stack. We will also go over the ins and outs of your OpenShift cluster on CodeReady Containers and get you moving with OpenShift.

This is one of a series of OpenShift 4 courses that are a part of the OpenShift 4 certification learning path. If you are interested in getting certified, start here with this Introduction course.

  • Chapter 1 3 Lessons Introduction 3:58

    Course Introduction


    Course Promo


    About the Training Architect

  • Chapter 2 3 Lessons What Is OpenShift 15:48

    Exploring OpenShift


    Why Use OpenShift


    Getting Started with OpenShift on CodeReady Containers

  • Chapter 3 5 Lessons Installation and Configuration 28:54



    Installation and Upgrade


    Configuring CodeReady Containers


    Accessing OpenShift


    Troubleshooting OpenShift on CodeReady Containers

  • Chapter 4 4 Lessons Getting Familiar with OpenShift 25:44

    Enabling Monitoring, Alerting, and Telemetry


    A Tour of the Web Console


    Getting Cozy with the CLI


    Deploying an Application Stack

  • Chapter 5 1 Lesson Conclusion 1:45

    Course Summary


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