Introduction to Governance and Compliance on Azure

By Asellus McClinton

Microsoft best practices for compliance and governance in your Azure cloud environment.

1 hour
  • 16 Lessons
  • 1 Hands-On Lab
  • 1 Course Quiz

About the course

This introductory course is designed to give you an overview of Microsoft best practices and approaches needed to effectively use Azure native tools and frameworks for compliance and governance in your cloud environment.
In this course we will cover the five native tools within Azure to implement governance and on Azure as well as avoiding some common pitfalls when it comes to approaching governance.

Lab Highlights

  • Chapter 1 4 Lessons Introduction 14:10

    Course Introduction


    About the Training Architect (Introduction)


    Introduction to Azure Cloud Governance


    The 5 Disciplines of Cloud Governance

  • Chapter 2 8 Lessons Cloud Governance in Azure 1:17:05

    An Overview of Azure Cloud Native Tools


    Organizing Your Enterprise with Management Groups


    Enforcing Compliance with Azure Policy


    Using Azure Blueprints to Govern Multiple Subscriptions


    Exploring Resources at Scale with Azure Resource Graph


    Planning Ahead with Cost Management + Billing


    Applying Policies to Azure Management Groups

    45:00 Hands-On Lab

    Recapping Azure’s Governance Tools

  • Chapter 3 2 Lessons Implementing the Azure Governance Framework 14:29

    How to Avoid Common Responses to Governance in Azure


    Governance Guidance for an Average Organization

  • Chapter 4 3 Lessons Course Wrap-Up 34:06

    Course Summary


    QUIZ: Introduction to Governance and Compliance on Azure

    30:00 Quiz

    Course Conclusion and What’s Next


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