Introduction to AWS AppSync

By Ryan Brown

Learn to make the best use of managed services to build a GraphQL API with AWS AppSync.

2.25 hours
  • 31 Lessons

About the course

Hello Cloud Gurus!

In 2019, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based. Many companies are now looking for professionals who understand cloud computing to help them make informed decisions about cloud services. There is a growing demand for software developers who can create apps that can be developed quickly, and scale up with demand – which is what the cloud is all about!

This course is a short, sharp introduction to developing cloud applications on AWS AppSync. AppSync is a managed GraphQL service that makes it easy to build mobile and web applications. The power of AppSync is that it allows you to build, mange and synchronize real-time subscriptions while also allowing you to have access to app data when mobile devices are offline.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to unify multiple data sources with a GraphQL API and query them from one endpoint.
  • How to bootstrap an application with AWS Amplify and mobile services.
  • How to use GraphQL subscription to make realtime applications.

Whether you want to build a multi-player game app, Augmented or Virtual Reality experiences or other data-intensive or collaboration-heavy use cases, AppSync has many powerful features that can help you with your next project. Get started with this course and learn how to build amazing applications with both realtime and offline capabilities.

What you will need

  • Firm understanding of storage services like S3 and DynamoDB.

  • A light familiarity with the command line, such as the ability to open files and navigate folders and to clone a git repository.

What you can expect

  • You'll gain an understanding of high-level application services like AWS AppSync and Cognito

  • You'll develop a familiarity with the AWS AppSync console for creating object types, adding data sources, and testing queries.

  • You'll build a working knowledge of AWS Amplify for connecting browser/mobile apps to AWS services like S3, AppSync, and others.

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