Introduction to Amazon RDS

By Abhaya Chauhan

Learn how to leverage the power of Amazon RDS in your own projects

3 hours
  • 34 Lessons

About the course

Hello Cloud Gurus,

Amazon RDS is one of the most popular services on the AWS Platform, and Amazon Aurora is the fastest growing service in AWS history! Not only is it based upon providing a transactionally safe, managed relational database; as a service, they have also adapted PostgreSQL and MySQL to create Aurora, a relational cloud native database.

This course provides you with all the knowledge required to leverage the power of RDS in your own project. We cover read replicas, high availability, scaling, pricing, backups and restores, failovers, monitoring and many other requirements to run a production-ready database in AWS.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What the Amazon Relationship Database Service is
  • How to set it up securely and in high availability mode
  • How backups and restores work with RDS
  • What read replicas are and when to use them
  • How failovers work
  • How maintenance and backup windows work
  • Monitoring an RDS Cluster
  • Pricing and scaling an RDS Instance.

The maturity of Amazon RDS speaks for itself. There is no infrastructure management to worry about. It is secure, highly Available, scalable, cost-effective and has backup and restore capabilities. With Amazon RDS, all your common operational concerns are solved, and it is a no-brainer when you need a relational database!

What you will need

  • Basic AWS knowledge

  • Basic understanding of relational databases

  • SQL basics

What you can expect

  • You will have a good understanding of what RDS is and how it should be used.

  • You will gain the ability to set up an RDS cluster for your system in production

  • You will become confident in performing backups and recovery of your RDS Clusters.

  • You will be able to provision a secure, highly available and performant database.

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