Introduction to Cloud Computing

<p>In this introduction to Cloud Computing, we answer the key question <em>What is the cloud?</em></p>
<p>It is predicted that in 2018, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based. Many companies are now looking for professionals who understand cloud computing to help them make informed decisions about cloud services.</p>
<p>We designed this introduction to cloud computing for anyone seeking to learn the basics. We will take you through the origins of cloud computing, introduce key concepts and answer important questions like "how secure is the cloud?". We’ll guide you through the fundamentals of cloud computing, and explore the buzzwords to help demystify the cloud.</p>
<p><strong>We know that you’re busy, so our training course is made up of 5-20 minute videos.</strong> Our video lessons keep-it-simple and explain things clearly and succinctly. By the end of the course, you’ll understand the basic concepts and terminology of cloud computing and will be ready to answer “what is cloud computing?”.</p>

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